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FINALLY!!!! :)

I FINALLY am going to work on my homepage. But of course, the Wingster pic stays up.:) Anyway, I am sorry Candy, Lindsay, and Zelda, but I am going to take down the links momentarily and am gonnna try something else, I will probably take down wing...(NOOOOO) to put up links if it does. Theres old buiness. I am like, so totally happy I have gotten so many visits! You guys are so sweet. But *ahem* The idea master has an all new season of Ideas (Thats me for you who dont know.) So please Email me at we'll right a fan fic together! It'll be great. I have my eye on some of a matter a fact, NO ONE wants to write fan fics with me! WAHH! (not including Zelda or Turby) I dont have a scanner, but draw many many good pics, not like Candy's of course but it is a great start! And QJ draws really good too! :)

You guys have visited my pagey coosome times!!! Thanx and come back soon!

Welcome to the bunks! Here is my personal friends. Their pages are much better then this one

Zelda's page: The best duck fan fic you could ever read! Has some good pics as well!
The Brotherhood (Sisterhood) of the blade: This girl is da bomb! She is hilarious, spunky, and her fan fic is so funny, REMEMBER: Fridays are cool, squirills are not.:)
Candy's Mighty Ducks Headquarters: Her art is the best I have ever seen! It looks like disney, and the best part is she will draw FOR you!


Temper,Temper....: Temper? Gretchen? Naw....